Shul PictureJoin us for services with Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our nonjudgmental philosophy embraces everyone, regardless of commitment or religious background. Services are held in a traditional setting, with a contemporary message.

No background, memberships, or affiliation necessary.

Transliterated/translated prayer books available.


9:00 am Morning service followed by a Kiddush.

7:00-8:00 pm weekly Torah class, followed by Maariv and Havdalah.

To sponsor a Kiddush please contact Bina Lerman @ 201-438-4931


8:00 am – Sunday service followed by a breakfast of coffee, bagels and lox.


Latest time for eating chometz – 10:47 am
Latest time for Burning chometz – 11:52 am
We will have a fire outside the shul at 11:10 am

Candle lighting – 7:12 pm
Evening Service at 7:30 pm
Communal public Seder at 8:00 pm

Morning Service at 9:30 am

Candle lighting after- 8:13 pm
Evening Service at 8:00 pm
Communal public Seder at 8:30 pm

Morning Service at 9:30 am

SUNDAY – April 16
Candle lighting – 7:19 pm

MONDAY – April 17
Morning Service at 9:00 am
Candle lighting after 8:21 pm

TUESDAY April 18
Morning Service at 9:00 am
Yizkor at 11:00 am
Children’s program at 11:00 am

Pesach ends at 8:22 pm