Welcome to our Shul!

Our Shul was established in 1921, and has served generations of Jews from all over South Bergen County.

Our goal is to cater to each and every Jew regardless of background or degree of commitment. We present opportunities to discover the relevance, joy and meaning of our shared heritage in a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

We have ongoing events for all tastes and ages. We have weekly Shabbat services and Adults education classes, as well as Shabbat parties and a Hebrew school for children. In addition we have a monthly “Soup & Scotch” on Friday evenings, as well as holiday programs throughout the year.

Our Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman, and his family joined us in the summer of 2014. Rabbi Lerman and his wife Bina have been involved in Jewish education for over ten years, and have lectured around the globe.

Rabbi Lerman has studied at prominent Yeshiva Colleges and Universities in Toronto, Canada, Brookyln, NY, London, England and Morristown, NJ. He received his Rabbinic ordination from many prominent Rabbis, including Rabbi Y.M. Lau former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi D. Schochet head of the Rabbinical Council of Toronto.

Bina is from Melbourne, Australia where her family moved from Europe after World War Two. After seeing that the community was lacking a Jewish infrastructure, her family help establish a Jewish school, kosher supermarket and a Mikvah. After graduating from high school Bina moved to Israel to study in a teaching seminary in the city of Tzfat, where she graduated with a teaching degree from the State of Israel.

The Lermans have many years of experience with outreach, and have led classes, children’s programs and public Passover Seders for Jews of all walks of life.

Please contact us if you would like any information regarding our congregation or Hebrew school.