Educational Philosophy

Relevance . Joy . Identity

Judaism and its values and traditions are as relevant today as ever and enrich our lives and the lives of our families with a sense of meaning and purpose. At SHS students are taught to view Jewish history, holidays, values and traditions as a practical and relevant guide to living a wholesome and spiritual life.

Joy generates energy; it pushes us forward and gives us a sense of productivity and growth. People are passionate about the things they enjoy and the experience of Judaism is enhanced when it is a pleasurable and enjoyable one. At SHS we focus on the joy of Judaism and in the happiness and delight living as a Jew gives us.

Jewish culture, language, holidays and traditions are not just powerful and relevant ideas, but they are our heritage and our history. Students will feel a sense of belonging; they will see the Torah as the guide to their lives, Jewish history as their family story, and living a Jewish life as the key to writing their chapter in the narrative of the Jewish people.