Video Recordings

Pre-Passover Seder via Zoom

How To Run Your Own Seder?

JLI Wrestling With Faith Lesson 1, delivered on March 30, 2020

Jewish History Class – When the Jews Moved to Africa and Europe

Hebrew School March 29, 2020

Pre Shabbat Service, March 27, 2020

The Jewish and Legal Perspective on PAS – With Rabbi Dovid Smith Esq., March 25, 2020

In depth Pesach Shiur – What if by accident I make a Brocha by Urchatz?

In depth Pesach Shiur – Why are the four cups of wine more important than Matzah?

JLI Judaism’s Gift to the World lesson 6, delivered March 18, 2020

Hebrew School, March 22, 2020

Evening of Holocaust Remembrance and Education, Rutherford, NJ. November 12, 2018

The History of the Oral Torah – Recorded in August 2012 at the iLearn Conference in Brooklyn, NY